The Hogfarmers Mission

Nearly 15,780 kids are diagnosed with cancer in the U.S. each year. The Hogfarmers work hard to support children, affected families, and touch lives of everyone affected by childhood cancer and its devastating effects.

It’s For the Kids

We exist to help children and families affected by childhood pediatric cancer

When a child is diagnosed with cancer, the family becomes devastated. The news can be a lot to deal with to include overwhelming emotions and instant expenses.

Hogfarmers Inc. Charity Foundation is a group of Washington super-fans who aim to elevate the mental, social, and emotional well being of children and their families affected by pediatric cancer.

Whenever a family receives word of a diagnosis, we step in to help. The support can include: gas cards, food cards, Team memorabilia, personal medical items, visits to the hospital in our crazy Team gear, toys and books.

If we can get a smile in their troubling time, the mission is complete.