Nearly 15,780 kids are diagnosed with cancer in the U.S. each year. The Hogfarmers work hard to support children, affected families, and touch lives of everyone affected by childhood cancer and its devastating effects.

When a child is diagnosed with cancer, the family becomes devastated. The news can be a lot to deal with to include overwhelming emotions and instant expenses.

Hogfarmers Charitable Foundation is a pediatric cancer non-profit organization who aim to elevate the mental, social, and emotional well being of children and their families affected by pediatric cancer.

Whenever a family receives word of a diagnosis, we step in to help. The support can include gas cards, food cards, a personal medically equip side snapped shirt, toys and more.

If we can get a smile in their troubling time, the mission is complete.

The Hogfarmers Story

The Hogfarmers are a small 501c3 charity currently assisting dozens of pediatric cancer families nationwide. The Hogfarmers are made up of seven individuals who are all volunteering what time he or she can offer. The Hogfarmers are all fans of the Washington Commanders and that fandom is used as a starting point to engage families battling pediatric cancer. Founded in 2018, The Hogfarmers have made morale visits and provided various forms of family support ever since. The Hogfarmers’ overall aim is to be able to aid and support more families battling such hardships. The Hogfarmers readily seek opportunities to speak to individuals, groups, and/or businesses that would like to combat this monster as well.

The effort put forth with the charity is an homage to The Hogettes, thus the name The Hogfarmers.  The Hogettes were also Washington football fans who dressed in costumes and operated a 501c3 for several decades raising countless millions of dollars for charities. The Hogettes and The Hogfarmers both honor the Washington football Offensive Linemen who are commonly referred to as Hogs. The Hogfarmers use their costumes to connect with children and their fandom to uniquely connect with the community. As such, The Hogfarmers make a conscious effort to bring a positive and uplifting tone to a difficult and trying matter.