This question has come up from time to time so I felt like we could address it here. When we created the Hogfarmers in early 2018, we were a group of friends that wanted to take our fandom to the next level with thoughts of helping our community. Over time, we have grown an audience and people seem to love our positivity, passion, fun and the way we give back to children fighting pediatric cancer. The burgundy and gold bibs and hardhat with pig ears and snot have become a cool combo to show our fandom. So, how do you become a Hogfarmer? The answer is complex. You can start by engaging and showing interest in the Hogfarmer charitable foundation by actively participating in any events or social occasions we might have going on. We are more than just fans wearing a silly set of bibs that truly care about each individual child that we can reach out and help. We are all season ticket holders that try our best to make it to every home game and most away game. Attending games and being from the Virginia or close by is a plus. Our mission is to elevate the mental, social, and emotional well-being of children and their families affected by pediatric cancer. If you have that mindset of wanting to help the fight against pediatric cancer, we will see you! When the time is right, the question will be asked, do you want to be a Hogfarmer? With that being said, we are not above other fans. Just a bunch of fun people that love our team and are very passionate about helping the fight on childhood cancer. -Hogfarmer Chris

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