Helping children and families affected by pediatric cancer

Whenever a family receives word of a diagnosis, we step in to help.

Our Mission

Hogfarmers Charitable Foundation is a pediatric cancer non-profit organization supporting families in Virginia, Washington D.C. and Southern Maryland. We also offer limited service options to families nation wide.

Hogfarmers Charitable Foundation aim to elevate the mental, social, and emotional well being of children and their families affected by pediatric cancer.

Whenever a family receives word of a diagnosis, we step in to help. The support can include: gas cards, food cards, personal medical items, visits to the hospital in our unique Washington Commanders team gear, toys and books.

What People Are Saying

Rated 5.0 out of 5
April 15, 2024

Chris Bryant and the entire team of Hogfarmers have been a ray of sunshine in our childhood cancer journey! They picked us up when we were at our lowest emotionally and brought the energy, excitement, and thrill of a Commanders game to our fighter! Anne loved feeling special for the day and loved getting to meet the guys and take her older brothers to a cool game experiences. Thank you, Hogfarmers, for being there for our families!!

Rated 5.0 out of 5
April 15, 2024

HogFarmers took great care of my 9 year old daughter after she was diagnosed with leukemia. They sent a care package with gift cards and let her pick a toy to make her smile. They regularly checked in while she was in treatment. Finally. HogFarmers made sure she got to meet her favorite players at a practice! We are so grateful for this charity!


Meet the Children

At the heart of what the Hogfarmers do as an organization are the kids, the children suffering through terrible diseases that are painful, and very scary. 

By helping them forget their troubles for a little while with some new toys or some awesome gear from their favorite football team, the Hogfarmers hope to ease their tremendous burden, even if only temporarily. Letting them know that people care, and are rooting for them to get well can have a major effect on their morale. In a fight like the one they face, every little bit of confidence and positive energy helps.