If you know of a family in the Virginia, Washington D.C. and Southern Maryland area with a child suffering through pediatric cancer and you think they could benefit from some special attention from us, The Hogfarmers, please feel free to nominate them below.

Zola Barbour Memorial Hogfarmer One Time Grant

The Zola Barbour Memorial HOG grant was first awarded to a young girl named Zola Barbour who was diagnosed with Desmoplastic Small Round Cell Tumors in 2019. The weekly trips from Virginia to New York to receive a trial cancer treatment was a heavy financial burden on her family. Hogfarmers Charitable Foundation wanted to step in and do more to help the Barbour family and other families like theirs. We took Zola and her family out to a lunch to get to know them a little better and for them to get to know us. Together we laughed, told stories and just enjoyed the day. Zola stood out to everyone in the group as she wasn’t feeling well but she laughed and smiled all afternoon. At the end of the lunch we made the announcement to the family that we were awarding them with a $1000 grant. We headed to lunch that day thinking we would be impacting a family, but instead left having been touched by a beautiful young teenager girl who laughed and smiled despite her pain and discomfort. 

In light of Zola’s passing, our monthly HOG grants will be forever known as The Zola Barbour Memorial HOG Grant. #ZolaStrong

The Zola Barbour Memorial One-time Grants are awarded through our application process and provide funding to Hogfarmer families in the Virginia, Washington D.C. and Southern Maryland area. Each family has an opportunity to receive one grant per fiscal year.